Lisco USB Snake

Just like people try hard to get themselves noted so it would seem in the world of cables too. I am a cable: I like to tie myself to my friends and hide so no one can find me. Two limited ways for the cable to get your attention, make you use time untangling them or use time searching for them. With the fear of maxing out object personification I fancied giving cables some other kind of attention by giving them a level up from tool to object.

A tool works to help you carry out a task while an object is something you choose to have. I gave the cable the means to get chosen by somebody. Featuring the 80′s innovation of using a bistable spring to make those colourful slap bracelets curl around your wrist. The cable will curl up in a similar way giving the cable a less obnoxious character, in other words now entangled cables.

Use the cable to charge your phone, transfer pictures from your camera, connect external hard drives..